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Boosting effect to your skin
Non-sticky high moisture skin toner











Moisture protective membrane which is necessary for my skin for 365 days
Hanjocollection  After Clean Boosting Toner












- Skin type: Very dry, dry, neutral dry, neutral, neutral oily, oily
Product order: Use the product after face wash or using clean toner.












+ Boosting effect of protective membrane formation
It forms skin protective membrane of deep moisture, maintains moisture balance, gives boosting effect and maximizes effect and efficacy of next step item. 

+ Skin soothing and moisturizing
It soothes the skin and supplies deep nutrition to the skin, keeping the skin moist and soft as it contains extracts of canoderma lucidum, houttuynia cordata and rehmannia glutinosa root.

+ Adjustment of old callus and skin texture
Licorice extract adjusts skin callus and skin texture, keeping the skin smooth and clean.

+ Supply of skin gloss
Trehalose and betula platyphylla japonica juice ingredients supply skin moisture and transparent shiny gloss to the skin, making the skin more vital.










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Product Name After Clean Boosting Toner (220ml)
Price $19.46
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