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Clean Dual-Phase Lip & Eye Remover







 Hypoallergenic remover for valuable eyes,
Fast and neat cleansing effect
Exclusive Hanjo style which presents after preparing for a long time!
It cannot be compared with other low cost remover.
Preparing for 8,760 hours








- Skin type: Very dry, dry, neutral dry, neutral, neutral oily, oily
-Product order: heavy point makeup cleansing for lips and eyes











Hypoallergenic remover
Due to nature derived ingredients, two layers make up remover which is not stinging even though it contacts with eyes.
Hypoallergenic Clean Dual Face Lip & Eye Remover for precious eyes
Healthy cleansing due to content of EGF, acetyl hexapeptide-8, oryza sativa (rice) seed water and moisturizing ingredients








+ Eye remover which is not stinging
This remover can be used for sensitive eyes and it is not stinging when contacting with eyes because it contains various vegetable ingredients.

+ Perfect cleansing without irritation
Due to 2 layer separated formulation of oil layer and water layer, it cleans thoroughly heavy point makeup as well as water proof goods without irritation.

+ Supply of whitening and elasticity
EGF and acetyl hexapeptide-8 components make the skin resilient upon cleansing. Also rich active ingredients of oryza sativa (rice) seed water maintain bright eye rims.

+ Enough moisturizing and soothing after cleansing
Various vegetable ingredients including aloe, green tea, witch hazel, cucumber and portulaca oleracea which are effective for moisturizing, supplement lost moisture upon cleansing and soothe irritated skin.



















Instructions for use     Shake the product so that separated layers are well mixed. Take proper amount of the product with cotton pad and put gently on eye and lip make up. Remove to aside after 10~15 seconds. When removing water proof item or heavy makeup, it can cleanse much more neatly without irritation.  
















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Product Name Clean dual-phase lip & eye remover (110ml)
Price $15.75
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