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Hanjo Collection Makeup NR Puff No.1 











Now, use the 7 sided NR puff!

For detailed information, please refer to the following detailed description

When using Hanjo NR puff, you can apply more evenly and closely BB cream and foundation.
It is soft latex material made beauty item that can be used without skin irritation.










+ Instead of hands, using dedicated puff
As a dedicated puff, you can apply makeup products such as BB, foundation and sun cream with this puff. Then you can spread evenly over bumpy skin.

+ Prevent of skin problem, caused by bacteria
If you apply cosmetics with hands, frequent skin troubles can be caused in case of sensitive skin. This dedicated puff is recommended to sensitive and problem skin.

+ Minimization of skin irritation, soft feeling of use
This 7 sided NR puff is made of soft and moist latex texture. Thus it can be used to sensitive skin without irritation.












Apply BB or foundation to forehead, cheeks, chin, or nose. Spread along the skin texture with Hanjo makeup puff and pat lightly.
It can also more fully cover blemishes by patting and applying to the part where the coverage is required.







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Product Name Hanjo makeup puff No.1 (5 pieces included)
Price $2.69
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